Delivering capital solutions to accommodation issues

Pillar Land Securities Limited is a company that delivers capital solutions to accommodation issues in partnership with the NHS and Higher Education organisations.

We do this by developing patient hotels, staff and key worker accommodation, student accommodation and apart hotels.

Our team has exceptional experience, particular skills and a track record of success in working with the public sector and planning authorities to design solutions to meet the needs of our client partners.

We use the expertise of our supply chain partners to develop, construct deliver and if required, manage accommodation solutions for our clients.

Our specialist individually developed Risk Analysis software enables us to clearly highlight and deal with project risk.

We have a proven record of achievement and timely delivery of major projects.

Making it happen

We have the backing of substantial investors committed to ethical investment in support of the values of the NHS and Higher Education. This allows schemes and developments to proceed without delay. The range of business models and arrangements available, offer hospital trusts and higher education organisations complete flexibility.